The "Will & Grace" star offered some pointed jokes about Hollywood sexism in her monologue.
The former 'Tonight Show' host returned once again to do his shtick.
The themes presented will be familiar to Bogosian's fans: love, loss, alienation, drugs, rock n' roll, politics, everyday
The monologist Mike Daisey knows all about repercussions from one's actions. He experienced serious career fall out after
As a writer on both series finales, Johnny Carson's Tonight Show in May of '92, and David Letterman's Late Show in May, 2015, I can say the shows were similar in one respect: both required me to -- for one last time -- drive to work in the San Fernando Valley.
How was it that my best friend's parents could afford a new car and an annual trip to Disney World when we had a ten-year-old Ford Taurus and vacationed at a campsite where the most exciting feature was a public pool?
Let's hypothesize a theater of solitude: a single character grappling with his own interminable discourse -- at intervals whispered and shouted; prosaic one moment, poetic or even epic the next. What is the status, in that case, of this voice that speaks nonstop?
One homeless man tells about his more than ten years in a state penitentiary before a judge reversed his sentence and set him free. There are lighter moments too, like proving at six years old that Santa isn't real.
-------------------------------- "And in New York, Mayor Bill de Blasio finally implemented his plan to end the city's controversial
After the Samuel L. Jackson version of Walter White's famous "Breaking Bad" monologue went viral last week, comedy legend
Written and performed by the students of Henry M. Gunn High School, Faceoff seeks to explore the intersection of tyranny and resistance. I caught up with Betsy Franco, who coached Gunn's teen writers and actors through the process.
L to R: Vito Dieterle, Ian M. Riggs, Ethan Lipton, and Eben Levy in "No Place To Go." Photo Credit Heather Phelps-Lipton
Remember in the mid 1990s when Jay Leno first made a name for himself as the host of "The Tonight Show" by introducing such
Spies from France have reported that Louis VI has refused a marriage arrangement with Eleanor of Aquitaine. Apparently, Louis canceled the nuptials, stating that he already had swine on his manor.
Men are often portrayed as lacking self-awareness, but the men I know have ongoing discussions with themselves about faith, goodness, fear and what they should really be doing with their lives.