The Democratic senator praised the Biden administration’s antitrust work but said more should be done, pointing to the transportation and agriculture secretaries.
The company is under fire by both fans and lawmakers who say its near-monopoly on ticket sales has done a massive disservice to consumers.
This is why we can’t have nice things. Taylor Swift is speaking out after Eras Tour ticket sales descended into chaos, leaving fans seatless and enraged.
“Senators, this is not curation as we’ve been told," said Match Group lawyer Jared Sine. "It is iron-fisted monopoly control.”
This Cyber Monday, you can save on popular board games like Monopoly, UNO, chess sets and more.
Facebook took down ads from the senator and 2020 hopeful that called for breaking up big tech companies, saying they violated brand policy.
The congresswoman called the industry's biggest threats "tech monopolies & concentration of ownership."
But history may have already handed us the right one.
Progress and setbacks on the road to curbing Dominion’s influence.