More than 11,300 people have died over the past two years in the world's worst Ebola epidemic, nearly all of them in Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone.
I arrived in Liberia two weeks ago, and have yet to touch another human being. For months health care workers have been practicing a "no touch" policy on medical provision.
I returned to Liberia in April of this year to conduct a rapid assessment of mental health services and interventions in New Kru Town, a drug infested ghetto outlying Monrovia. There were five reported cases of Ebola virus disease and one death.
That's the importance of community care and what we're doing on the ground in Liberia. Making sure people have the facts and that care and treatment are available.
As long as we have these issues -- lack of infrastructure, lack of education, lack of access to healthcare, lack of gender equality, and the reality of foreign-imposed restrictions -- then there is going to be another crisis further down the road.
When traveling to areas devastated by earthquakes and violent storms, the physical damage is often apparent even before you step off the plane.
Disturbing images out of Liberia's slums show how communities are suffering from Ebola. Photojournalist John Moore joins Marc to share his experience in Monrovia.
As the state of Liberia crumbles in almost every way, Michael and Yvonne Weah and their fellow Liberians struggle on. But I'll let Mike tell you what life is now like in Monrovia, the city named for U. S. President James Monroe.
It's both astounding and embarrassing as an American to observe the grossly uninformed hysteria in this country over the transfer to highly controlled hospital isolation units in New York and Atlanta of two Americans with Ebola, while entire nations in West Africa are seemingly falling apart.
Oxfam is testing the Tiger Worm Toilets, aka the poop-eating worm toilets, with several West Point residents. But judging from the smell, the construction of a toilet wasn't working well enough to keep the community healthy.
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As I started to learn more about the PUFF Festival and Gina Wong, I realized that her insistence upon the appearance of an artist from the other side of the globe for the world premier of a low budget indie rock opera art film should not come as a surprise.
My Africa is is a collaborative effort to follow and share the stories of change-makers in 13 cities across sub-Saharan Africa.
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Recently, 148 accomplished travelers aboard National Geographic Explorer found themselves in the historic position of being the largest group of tourists to dock in the Freeport of Monrovia, Liberia since the 1970s.
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