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June 26 (Reuters) - Monsanto Co said on Wednesday that its quarterly profit fell, but sales remained on an upswing, and the
In its ruling Monday, the appellate court said the organic growers must rely on Monsanto assurances on the company's website
It increasingly appears that Monsanto is patenting death, perhaps even more so than life. Their patent rights should not trump the rights of people to procure safe, healthy, living foods.
The rationale for infinite generational patent protection was given by Chief Justice Roberts in his opening question to Bowman's lawyer: "Why in the world would anybody spend any money to try to improve the seed if as soon as they sold the first one anybody could grow more and have as many of those seeds as they want?"
Bowman said that he had gone to a grain elevator to buy a mix of grain, which happened to include the Roundup Ready Monsanto
Indiana farmer Vernon Bowman will take on global seed giant Monsanto Co at the U.S. Supreme Court today in a patent battle that could impact the biotechnology industry.
Monsanto, a $13 billion behemoth in agricultural seed and chemical sales, also sees the case as much bigger than itself. Back
Nature explains: Since the legalization, Monsanto has charged Brazilian farmers 2% of their sales of Roundup Ready soya beans
Monsanto filed 144 patent-infringement lawsuits against farmers between 1997 and April 2010, and won judgments against farmers
And while the risks of pesticide are a generally known and accepted hazard of farming in most places, and farmers are cautioned
Family farmers filed suit against Monsanto yesterday to protect themselves from future accusations of patent infringement when Monsanto's genetically modified seed contaminates their crops.