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Our government is missing the chance to correct past mistakes and to partner with the Salvadoran people as they journey toward a just and peaceful society. The American people can do better.
Could we somehow take part, not in "fixing" the existing problems, but in accompanying the Salvadoran people on their journey toward a peaceful and just society?
Correction: This post originally implied that the vegetable seeds listed above are genetically modified, when in fact, none
June 26 (Reuters) - Monsanto Co said on Wednesday that its quarterly profit fell, but sales remained on an upswing, and the
In its ruling Monday, the appellate court said the organic growers must rely on Monsanto assurances on the company's website
The news of the profit boost comes as critics slam lawmakers for including in legislation a provision, dubbed the "Monsanto
Both opponents and proponents of GMOs note they are starving for facts. BOULDER — Ever since genetically modified organisms
"We would expect them to move past those minimums pretty swiftly and significantly. They were and are the largest soybean
It increasingly appears that Monsanto is patenting death, perhaps even more so than life. Their patent rights should not trump the rights of people to procure safe, healthy, living foods.
On Tuesday, the U.S. Supreme Court heard oral arguments for Vernon H. Bowman v. Monsanto Co, a six-year-long legal battle between a 75-year-old Indiana soybean farmer and a multi-billion-dollar seed conglomerate that could have profound implications for the agriculture industry and the future of American intellectual property law.