monster high

"No one wants to see a female super hero!" The twins were given permission to create the She-Ra they would want. "The cartoon
Earlier this year, I heard of an audition that was happening in Los Angeles for the Janet Jackson tour. I didn't think I would actually get it but decided just to try it out.
Is my son straight, gay, bi, trans or a metrosexual in the making? I have no clue, but I do know whatever God (or whatever higher power) has intended him to be, he is incredible.
"The message about the brand is really to celebrate your own freaky flaws, especially as bullying has become such a hot topic
Popular culture is now so ubiquitous, intense and unrelenting that if your children are exposed to it without sufficient limits or guidance, it will go far beyond simple entertainment and become a powerful -- and unhealthy -- influence on them.
If a teenage girl from a small town in Virginia can start a movement and inspire others, anyone can!
With the economy on such shaky footing, Americans will likely shy away from the latest trends in presents this holiday season