NYC Teachers' Free Pass? The Wall Street Journal crunched eight years worth of data, and found that more than 10 percent of principals did not flunk one teacher on their evaluations. "The findings give ammunition to Department of Education officials who say the teacher-rating system should be changed," WSJ's Lisa Fleisher writes. "New York City is one of a handful of school districts statewide that hasn't adopted a new, more nuanced system of grading teachers. ... Under the current system, teachers are either rated unsatisfactory or satisfactory. Annually, less than 3% of teachers citywide are marked "unsatisfactory."
In an anonymous letter to the Missoula County Public Schools superintendent, Chief Charlo Elementary parents argue that the
Ritz describes Bennett’s policies, many of which rely on results from high-stakes standardized testing, as part of a “pass
The charge came amid a continuing U.S. Justice Department probe into the handling by university and local authorities of
While achievement has gone up for other groups of students, we are not making the same kind of progress for our American Indian and Alaska Native students.
Foley was not available for comment to reporters from The Missoulian and the AP. The emails show the school's administrators
At a time when some education reformers argue that only high test scores matter, the rise of the community school movement offers a crucial counterpoint.
Additional charges against Spell and Waters might be filed now that a positive identification has been made. The two men
After the Penn State scandal broke, I was asked if this was finally the tipping point. Would colleges now take sexual assault seriously? Doubtful. And a new case of a university run amok has emerged to serve as evidence.
Montana had until Monday to prove its compliance with No Child Left Behind, a federal education law that requires states
According to Juneau, the funding Montana would lose amounts to under $500,000. In her office, that would mean losing three