My mother often reminisces that her parents would summer in Montauk from the mid 1950's through the early 1960's, and that what I found in Montauk during the winter was as close to the real experience as what is left.
It's a family that needs almost no introduction. But here it is anyway. It started with Loudon -- a musical legend -- and continued on to Sloan, Rufus, Martha, Lucy, Lexi, Suzzi...and, well, you almost need a genealogy chart, or at least a timeline, to map it out.
A quick one-and-a-half-hour road trip on Long Island takes you on a journey through New York history. I highly recommend this trip in the summer time (when these places are officially open) for the city folks and tourists who are looking for a road trip that promises lots of open space and fresh air.
Take it from the latest flat-Earth truther, Tila Tequila.
There's sweet talk. Coffee talk. Pep talk. Straight talk. Small talk. And then there's Mon-tauk. I've been traipsing and trekking out to this easternmost tip of Long Island for the past 20 years every September for sun, solitude and splendor.