Monte Carlo

... but whereas its more illustrious neighbour is mainly frequented by foreign visitors, this park is one strictly for the
Frank Sinatra and Winston Churchill met only once, so far as I know. On June 14, 1958, Sinatra was in Monte Carlo for the world premiere of his World War II film, Kings Go Forth. Winston Churchill was in Monte Carlo to gamble.
After getting my tan on - priorities! - and being amazed at how this sleepy little village comes to life when stars and elite
Take a trip with Lady Luck to one of the most elegant casino hotels around the world. From Las Vegas to Monaco, these luxurious resorts pair exhilarating casino action with top-flight amenities and family-friendly attractions that kids and adults can enjoy.
In the August issue of Harper’s Bazaar, Grace Kelly’s granddaughter Jazmin Grace Grimaldi finally reveals her real-life “Princess Diaries” story.
The fastest cars will complete the 2-mile lap around the Monte Carlo circuit in about 75 seconds. You will need a little longer, but if you are up for it, here is where to go.
In fact, Monaco shares many similarities with the country that surrounds it. It's the best of France with an Italian twist. We could never afford to live this five-start lifestyle full-time, but we appreciated that the Monagesque didn't seem at all bothered by our taking it for a test drive.
During a year filled with four trips abroad and two months away, many of my 2014 Facebook cover photos helped fill my yearly urban and exurban diaries.
Despite being an animated series (perhaps encouraged by that fact), Archer and his team at the International Secret Intelligence Service often travel to various high-flying locations around the world to practice spycraft.
From check in to check out, there is probably no such thing as a bad hotel in Monte Carlo, but the Metropole is top tier
There's only one rule to keep in mind when traveling: If you don't take photos, it didn't happen.
In his July 1991 interview with the Philadelphia Inquirer, Charlie Hibbs said he was devastated by his wife's murder. With
Directed and choreographed by Jean-Christophe Maillot, Lac is a pithy remix of Swan Lake that keeps the central story intact, but dares to rethink many of the ballet's sacrosanct conventions.
The Monte Carlo Rally is a multi-day racing event in Europe that concludes in Monaco's Monte Carlo district. This year's
Gambling Do you dream of foamy glasses of ale? Do the words "hops," "IPA" and "fermentation" make your heart skip a beat
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I suddenly felt a desperate urge to change my life. I owned a record company, a movie studio, a casino in Monte Carlo and a modeling agency. It was an OK job but frankly, hanging out on the French Riviera with the likes of Scarlett and Mick was just not that fulfilling anymore.
While the principality is always on the radar of billionaires, oligarchs, sports and film stars -- especially in Monte Carlo -- you don't need a mega-yacht to enter.
I sat at a roulette table and made a few bets alongside a Saudi man betting astronomical sums and some attractive Brazilians.
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