Montgomery, Alabama

Former Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum praised Steven Reed's win on Twitter: "The South continues to transform itself."
Steven Reed won the mayoral vote in the majority-Black city known as a flashpoint in the struggle for civil rights.
The National Memorial for Peace and Justice honors over 4,000 victims of lynching in America.
Taylor will be remembered for bravely speaking out after she was gang-raped by six white men in the Jim Crow era.
The author responded to Moore’s claim that “God is always in control.”
This column was originally published by Vernon Madison has been on Alabama’s death row for 32 years. Now 67
“I don’t think she could have made it much longer," said the woman who found Lisa Theris on a roadside.
A couple recounts how a Civil Rights tour took them from platonic friendship to their wedding day.
This person's name is Dan Shaw, he is one of many installers of tile at The Robert F. Henry Tile Company here in Montgomery
Now I am not proposing that everyone say every single thing that flashes into their brain before they have to
In Alabama...or New York...or Missouri, or California...or Hawaii...or across the Pacific to China...or India...or Syria
Sort of makes you really think about what's a real EE-mergency, and what ain't. After we shook hands, I noticed a very large
Today I am going out looking for my lagniappe in whatever form it might choose to take. We are given gifts every day, whether we choose to see them or not.
I learned something on that sad day on the 11th of September 15 years ago. During that time of turmoil, fear, sadness, and terror, no matter where we live in this wide country, we were collectively and suddenly New Yorkers. Everybody was on one side...the emotion and caring for the people of this horrific scene was to a person the same.
Let there be peace on earth... and let it begin with me... and let me remember it, each and every day, this day, and each
He worked at Coca-Cola and believed strongly that his best information came from the men who drove the trucks, the ones who actually delivered to the grocery stores. Those trucks left promptly.... promptly at 6 AM each day. He wanted to chat with all of men before they left. He also wanted to have a full breakfast with all six of his children before he left.
After the series' demise this voice had then been implanted into our stewardess. Making sure to preserve the ailing woman's