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When asked what advice he'd give to those considering a career in education, Robertson had this to say: Take, for example
The comedian's defense said there was an oral agreement that he wouldn't be prosecuted.
Officials hope they can use the program as a model to help other groups.
Just as I must accept each student that qualifies to be in my classes, Ms. Valentine-Thomas must accept each citizen that
I started the second grade late for my age. We first arrived in the United States. in March and I attended summer school and started the new school year in September. For years that was part of my explanation for why I was older than other kids in my classes.
While the governor drags his heels, Marylanders across the state struggle to survive during bad ozone days.
No one has been charged in the case. The newly released court documents indicate authorities located a graveyard during one
In a season focused on gratitude, 17-year-old Monica Chica has an attitude about choosing to be grateful that's wise far beyond her years: "The most important lesson I learned is that being happy is not about having with you what you loved in the past, but learning to love what you have in the present."
An undated photo of Richard Allen Welch. According to a public information database, Richard Welch lives in Prince George's
It is critically important that public schools entrusted with educating and preparing children for college, work and life stop feeding them into the juvenile and criminal justice systems with zero tolerance policies. Denying a child an education is hardly in the child or society's best interest.