monty python and the holy grail

Former Rep. Charlie Dent of Pennsylvania referenced a hilariously farcical scene to make his point about the government shutdown.
Previously unseen clips are being released in celebration of the film's 40th anniversary.
What if someone had to cut the trailer for "Monty Python and the Holy Grail" today, and they had no idea it was a comedy
Three years ago, when I started my journey in this industry the only "Holy Grail" I knew about it was in a Monty Python movie. Today, it is difficult to find a clean tech analyst or "green" conference that doesn't wax poetic about "energy storage as the Holy Grail."
If I drive, I'm still working like a pathfinder. "Oh, there's a sign there that will be lit up later when I'm trying to get
This is Monty Python at its absolute peak. Their show just ended its 5 year run on the BBC and now their first movie with all original material was opening in theaters.
The segment goes about as well as you'd expect! Monty Python run amok and basically terrorize Edwards throughout the entire
AT&T had every expectation that they would succeed in taking over T-Mobile. Looking at it objectively, they were right. But do they have to toss T-Mobile, Monty Python-like, into an early grave?