In a bizarre interview, White House Chief Of Staff John Kelly said “both sides” were honorable during the Civil War, while also defending Robert E. Lee and Christopher Columbus.
There are parallels between monuments as symbols of white supremacy and racial oppression in South Africa and the U.S.
The U.S. debate over Confederate statues will look familiar to a lot of nations.
In the wake of Charlottesville, other cities are contemplating removing their own Confederate memorials.
In the wake of Charlottesville, other cities are contemplating removing their own Confederate memorials.
Some of us have a hard time to get up in time for breakfast, let alone at 4 a.m. to get ready to go to see sunrise over Angkor Wat. Yet, the tortuous alarm clock should remind us of how fortunate we are to experience sunrise over Angkor Wat.
As South Carolina's Capitol grounds and other jurisdictions decide the fate of their most prominent emblems of past oppression and contemporary reaction, Stone Mountain guarantees that at least one Confederate icon will loom over the South's largest city for as long into the future as mankind can foresee.
Forget the Civil War. It is over. It is killing us. We, all Americans, need statues and honors to the smartest and best children of the South.
Back in 2009, I traced the then-new First Lady's family tree back four or five generations on all branches, but of all the ancestors I uncovered, it was a great-great-great-grandmother named Melvina Shields McGruder who captured my attention.
Ellis Island, where 12 million immigrants first landed in the U.S. from 1892 to 1954, is also part of the Statue of Liberty
There is one way to ensure the music of the summer reverberates into the fall and beyond. It is by discovering the song of the soul. The No. 1 hit will not be found on Billboard's charts or iTunes but inside of you and is waiting to be sung. It is music that will last forever.
Like all theme parks, France Miniature also offers rides and games for children of all ages. I was always a big fan of doll houses, tree houses, and all things miniature, like model trains and mini copies of actual cities.
The Organ Mountains-Desert Peaks is the crossroads of New Mexico's diverse history and culture, filled with natural wonders and incredible hunting and recreational opportunities.
Disclaimer: These monuments and others may or may not be under construction when you visit them, and are not necessarily
Have you always wanted to leave your mark on a monument that's more than 2,000 years old? Well, now you can. The Great Wall
5. Monument to the Confederates Soldiers of Monroe County, Union, West Virginia The monument was unveiled and dedicated in
But that doesn't mean that an unfinished monument can't be beautiful. These seven landmarks around the world are incomplete
Heaping plates of light-as-air pasta. Art by Michelangelo, Raphael, and Bernini. Some of the most entertaining people-watching on the planet. Rome is a city like no other. Here are some can't-miss tips for making yourself at home in the Eternal City.
Diazoma is a citizens' platform, which, in collaboration with the Ministry of Culture, tries to put the love for monuments and cultural heritage of Greece into practice. Diazoma focuses on the restoration of ancient venues for spectators and audiences and the focusing of resources necessary for their rehabilitation.
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