moon dust

The space agency hasn't confiscated the dust, but it has reportedly seized lunar materials from citizens before.
"The data we collected is a 'gold mine,'" Horanyi said in the email. "I expect many more papers to follow!" Turns out there's
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LADEE launched into space last September to investigate the moon's thin atmosphere and mysterious lunar dust. Understanding
This photo shows helmets and spacesuits covered in lunar dust after the last manned moonwalk, from the 1972 Apollo 17 mission
The spacecraft also carries a novel laser communications system to test high-speed data transmission technology for future
"[The moon's atmosphere is] so thin that the individual molecules that make up the atmosphere are so few and far between
After a 30 day approach, and 30 days of checkout, LADEE will spend about 100 days orbiting the Moon and examining any dust
"If LADEE does see dust, we will then have a basis for expecting the same phenomena at all other ‘nearly-airless’ bodies