Moonrise Kingdom

Hanging out with Conor Byrne is like visiting Movie Nerd Disneyland, and you'd better have your adventure cap on.
When you see one of Mr. Anderson's movies you know you are seeing something unique, a work of imagination, a distillation of life's experiences re-imagined for the screen.
You can spot a Wes Anderson movie from a lightyear away: vivid color pallets, Futura typeface, peculiar families, Bill Murray
At the Disney studio, Walt is overjoyed to finally meet Pamela... "Mrs. Travers," she insists. It's been almost 20 years
Desplat: The great thing about these movies is that they're classic in the writing, but with very modern directing. I always
As the A.V. Club's Eric Thurm wrote, "The Wes Anderson Collection comes as close as a book can to reading like a Wes Anderson
Why not an Oscar category for Best Soundtrack? Or, rather, the best use of pre-existing music?
The Golden Globes are voted on by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, which was found during World War II. More about
While studios did have a stellar year, the bests came from the independent and international films this year, with career highs, autueristic re-enforcers, welcome cinematic returns and new visionaries. Here's my round-up of the 10 best films released in 2012.