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There we were: 15 people -- members of the neighborhood, many of us strangers until that moment -- and my two dogs, crammed together in a small in-ground storm shelter. We listened to the radio: "The tornado is approaching 4th and Bryant." We were located off of 1st and Bryant.
The Kims hoped to find paperwork that would help them determine where to file an insurance claim. It wasn’t the kind of thing
Erin Hatfield, a spokeswoman for the Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality, told The Huffington Post that the department
Alicia brings you the latest on the Oklahoma tornado aftermath that left a trail of destruction in Moore. The tornado roared through the Oklahoma City suburbs Monday, wiping out blocks of houses and killing at least 24 people.
Still, the largely conservative state so far has resisted government imposing requirements that new homes or schools come
I am not alone in being glued to the news when something awful happens. Perhaps it's because we think the outcome will change if we watch; more likely it's because we cannot fathom the horror, and have to watch again and again, ad nauseam, in order to make it real to us.
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As downtown Moore, Okla., slowly emerges from the wreckage of the tornado that ravaged its core, the structures that remain
All hell broke loose. The roof caved in. Teachers carried students out. "They literally were lifting walls up and kids were
"This presents a substantial life safety and injury risk to children as well as school staff and visitors," reads the 2011
"It’s a tough business because people procrastinate. We've been doing this for 10 years, and we can't figure out how to get
But it doesn't always play out this way. Some communities have not rebuilt or have taken a much slower, more thoughtful route
On Monday afternoon, citizens of Moore, Okla., were given a mere 16-minute warning time before the tornado struck their town. That small amount of time might be how long it takes to hard-boil an egg, or take a long shower.
The tornado that hit Moore, Oklahoma on May 20 left many dead and injured, a school destroyed and a community to pick up the pieces. While rescue workers are still in the process of assessing the damage, President Obama already declared Monday's tornado to be one of the most destructive in U.S. history.
Nine children were among the dead, including seven who died at Plaza Towers Elementary School, which took a direct hit in the deadliest tornado to hit the United States in two years.
Rescuers went building to building in search of victims and thousands of survivors were homeless on Tuesday, a day after a massive tornado tore through a suburb of Oklahoma City, wiping out whole blocks of homes and killing at least 24 people.
I was born and bred in Oklahoma. I make my living as an Oklahoma criminal defense attorney. Tornadoes have been a part of my entire life. Hell, my high school mascot was a "red tornado."
“Oklahoma folks are a resilient people,” Simmons said. “They are going to rebuild, and they are going to rebuild quickly
(SCROLL DOWN FOR LIVE UPDATES) Below are images showing what the Moore area looked like before the twister hit, and the tragic
Unfortunately, victims of other tornadoes have been given even less time than that. While the National Weather Service has