moral code

Offending people and not apologizing for it may have helped Trump so far. But there’s a limit to breaking the rules.
I must confess I could care less what others think of me. Fun keeps me alive and kicking! As a college student someone once remarked "he marches to the beat of his own drum." Heck, I keep a personal band on hand. I like to have fun. How about you?
We have taken it upon ourselves to carry the encumbrance of all that should have been done. Even though these thoughts of conjecture bare no fact, they have somehow embedded themselves into the already troubled minds and hearts of the responders.
Look -- having opinions is critical -- no one likes a waffling whinge. Having a POV at least gives you a place to begin a discussion and makes conversation interesting. But again -- how sure are you?
What if, for example, politicians stopped lying? What if our economic system was driven by something other than greed and
We envision ourselves as logical thinkers, but we're really feeling beings. Moral code has been wired in our brain ever since we stopped walking on all fours.