moral compass

You know a handful of facts about his life, but do you know, actually know, Brock Turner? You may know an allegedly "entitled
I just saw the video of you berating a man on food assistance. Have to tell you, I prefer it when bunnies or puppies go viral, but oh well. I guess sometimes it has to be bitter and rude people.
No matter how many apologist stories I hear about how Trump is "tapping into voter anger", I can't string together a compromising justification for why Trump supporters at least have a point.
However, in no other case is this lack of moral discrimination so glaringly apparent than with the TV show Lucifer, a Fox
Demonstrating kindness doesn't need to be a grand giant gesture and it shouldn't be a burden. Sure a big gesture is great, but there are many ways you can simply LIVE a kind life. Here are eight easy ways to be a kind human:
In the latter half of the 1900's, Afghan camel drivers arrived in Australia to help explore a way into the countries previously-undiscovered central region. The harsh terrain could only be survived by hardened warriors who knew well how to endure such conditions.
Research on neurodegenerative diseases suggests that, more than anything else, moral traits like kindness and integrity define who we are.
Remaining in the present moment, which flows with time, knowing the moment is not static, this is how one is able to hear clearly the voice within. What is your greatest challenge? Do something about it beginning now.
Let us hope that the majority of the country will listen, and that racism and poverty begin to be alleviated by government created jobs, real school reform, and social services for the people like those in Baltimore.
It is time we inspect the basic motives to why we engage in this fight against injustice. Whether it is on grounds of human decency and equality, or because we are compelled by our faith; let's recalibrate our moral compass so it is not led astray by our tendency to strive for the sensational stories.
Our children are going to make mistakes; whether or not we're part of the solution depends on the relationships we build today.
Engaging in counterfactual, what-if history can be uselessly speculative, but here are three demonstrable ways the Obama administration -- and America too -- have been hurt by not prosecuting Bush officials for the crimes of torture and fraudulent war.
Traditionally Presidents Day was Washington's birthday. It was celebrated as a public holiday on February 22 each year, in peace or in war. Seventy years ago it was FDR's task to remember his great predecessor.
The financial crisis didn't just hurt the economy. It also may have done major damage to our collective moral standards, a
To understand the motivation of the financial types who brought down the economy in 2008, where better to go than the novel? Nonfiction gives us facts and their fallout, but novels (and plays) probe motivation.
People care about more than numbers. They care so much about subjective well-being that they are willing to trade years of life for improved quality of life. Cold reason is really not sufficient to assess anyone's quality of life. That evaluation requires a robust application of empathy.
Film, whether big-screen or TV, is a powerful medium of representation; it has the power to define. And with this controversy, Society pushed back and said we do not like how this film represents or defines us.
Invariably, if a matter of moral import were at issue, Matthew could be counted on to do the right thing, put it right. In a word, Matthew was a mensch.
But it's a tragedy for the country only if we don't learn from Mr. Romney's failure. For it remains the case that America