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Please. Can we discuss this element of Brock's case? Will you rise to the occasion, not be frightened by a name, "rape culture
I just saw the video of you berating a man on food assistance. Have to tell you, I prefer it when bunnies or puppies go viral, but oh well. I guess sometimes it has to be bitter and rude people.
No matter how many apologist stories I hear about how Trump is "tapping into voter anger", I can't string together a compromising justification for why Trump supporters at least have a point.
Few, who have given any reflective thought about the power and influence that media has on society, can doubt that when major
Demonstrating kindness doesn't need to be a grand giant gesture and it shouldn't be a burden. Sure a big gesture is great, but there are many ways you can simply LIVE a kind life. Here are eight easy ways to be a kind human:
In the latter half of the 1900's, Afghan camel drivers arrived in Australia to help explore a way into the countries previously-undiscovered central region. The harsh terrain could only be survived by hardened warriors who knew well how to endure such conditions.
Research on neurodegenerative diseases suggests that, more than anything else, moral traits like kindness and integrity define who we are.
Remaining in the present moment, which flows with time, knowing the moment is not static, this is how one is able to hear clearly the voice within. What is your greatest challenge? Do something about it beginning now.
Let us hope that the majority of the country will listen, and that racism and poverty begin to be alleviated by government created jobs, real school reform, and social services for the people like those in Baltimore.