moral monday arrests

"They took me to three different spots other than the jail," he told ThinkProgress. "They knew they were in the wrong." The
Barber said that the movement -- comprised of "transformative fusion coalitions led by indigenous leadership" -- would be
Supporters brought in pizza and sleeping bags. All but one of the 15 protesters remained in the office despite threats of
Thirty-nine people were arrested at the Georgia state capitol in Atlanta Tuesday as a coalition of organizations under the "Moral Mondays" banner urged state legislators to allow Gov. Nathan Deal (R) to expand Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act.
"Today was an historic day under the gold dome, as hundreds of Georgians took action to mark the 39th day of a legislative
The coalition's press conference, scheduled to coincide with the legislature's second-to-last day in session, will focus
Read more on the arrests at the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Stone spoke out against the movement in Georgia after Monday's
The protests have been coordinated by the North Carolina NAACP and other activist groups around the state. NAACP President
"I have stepped on toes in my first six months in office of the right and the left and the media," he told CNN. "Maybe that
“Barber’s mode of operation is inclined toward the dramatic gesture,” said Ferrell Guillory, a professor who studies Southern
The rally at the state capitol in Raleigh on Monday night was one of the largest since the protests began this spring, drawing
By the end of the protest, 120 protesters had been arrested by police, bringing the total number of people facing charges
Republican leaders reportedly declined to comment on Monday's protests. "Moral Monday" organizers told the News and Observer
The crowd, which numbered in the thousands, according to the Charlotte Observer, was largely made up of clergy members and
Monday's demonstration is the latest in a series of "Moral Monday" events organized by the North Carolina NAACP and other