morehouse college

Two young Black people were violently arrested in Atlanta as demonstrations sparked by George Floyd's death unfolded nationwide.
The media mogul’s latest contribution to the college makes her scholars fund the largest endowment for a scholarship in the school’s history.
You get a clapback! You get a clapback! Everyone gets a clapback!
Morehouse College’s class of 2019 just got all of their student loans paid for by billionaire investor and philanthropist Robert F. Smith.
“On behalf of the eight generations of my family who have been in this country, we’re going to put a little fuel in your bus," Robert F. Smith told the class.
Students who transition from male to female, however, will not be automatically eligible to receive a degree from the institution.
When Dr. Samuel DuBois Cook passed away May 29 our nation and world lost a very creative and distinguished political scientist
John Wilson, Jr. didn't hold back in a statement to his college.
This fall, we are faced with the question of who will become president. And equally important - who can vote?
Unless we teach in a way that remedies both black distrust and blue fear, we have little chance of realizing the America we are otherwise destined to become.