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If TV is supposed to be so wonderful these days, why is it making me so sad? I've got a few ideas.
Wade Smith (Reynolds) is a former Special Forces operative who spends his time looking out for some little guys. He doesn't consider himself a hero, just a man who dislikes bullies.
One scene with the Quran hit a nerve with some viewers.
After sixteen years and seven movies, this is actually the first attempt by Fox to go "shared universe" with their X-Men license, and in that sense Deadpool does kind of feel like the Ant-Man of the Marvel Mutant Movies.
Morena Baccarin talks about the sex scenes in "Deadpool."
Morena Baccarin discusses working with Ryan Reynolds in "Deadpool."
Actress Morena Baccarin stops by HuffPost Live to dish on playing Ryan Reynolds' tough-as-nails girlfriend in the highly
Screeeeeeeeech! I had to put an APB out on the release date of this interview when Victoria Cartagena, Detective Renee Montoya on FOX's super hit series Gotham, told me some out of this world news that left me no choice but to add more to this article.
This two-part production is not as epic as those were but does have a certain dramatic play to it that justifies its length. Its story covers decades and each and every one of its major characters is appealing and worthy of the screen time.
As Saylor's TV mom, Baccarin spent most of Season 3 fretting over her children. Due to her real-life pregnancy, she was absent
Shakira Born in Rio de Janeiro to an actress mother and broadcast news coordinator father, Morena Baccarin’s style is special
Morena Baccarin is officially a mom! The "Homeland" star welcomed her first child, son Julius Chick, with her husband Austin
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Morena Baccarin hits the red carpet at the premiere screening of the third season of her hit Showtime series Homeland on