A show like this is better when unpredictable elements are present, and Morgan is maybe the most unpredictable of all.
The teens who self-harmed also had high rates of depression and anxiety.
Her peers bullied her, but the Internet rallied around her.
A near-fatal accident puts the family into crisis mode, with plenty of blame to go all around. When Luke finally gets up
Did Michonne take the peanut butter bar? Now we finally know.
Warning: "Walking Dead" Spoilers! There Is No Sanctuary! Recently, McDermitt revealed some secrets to HuffPost Entertainment
In the 1997 PBS Frontline documentary, A Whale of a Business, there were allegations of "whale laundering" and the illicit
For the young female orca known as Morgan, the brutal bullying by the other orcas at Loro Parque is the sad reality she faces for the rest of her life unless a court in the Netherlands intervenes.
Morgan's time in captivity doesn't preclude her from being retrained to live back in the wild, but as her court case lingers longer and longer, each day of delay condemns her to a life that is not life.
As banks have grown, they appear to become less efficient at generating returns for shareholders. This is where the issue
For or against, the advert has achieved its intended purpose and raised the profile of both the issue of organ donation and those in greatest need.
Today, as the monster of sly lending practices looms and lurches and grows, hundreds of millions of dollars are being plundered by the unmasked banker bandits who are whistling all the way from the bank!