Morgan Harrington

Jesse Matthew Jr., a former college football player, had been charged with two counts of first-degree murder and two counts of abduction with intent to defile.
Legislators need to pass a law that will provide a guide for colleges and universities and require them to share information with each other and with law enforcement about campus sexual assaults. The detection of a pattern requires sufficient data and someone looking at that data. Right now we have neither.
Questions must be asked about Jesse Matthew's campus sexual assault cases. Change must come.
Three years later, no arrests have been made. But, we do know that DNA from a vicious sexual assault in the Washington, DC suburbs a few years prior matches DNA in Morgan's case.
We all get how important the discovery of DNA has been in identifying criminals over the years. But DNA technology has now graduated and for the most part states just haven't kept up.
The recent killing of lacrosse player Yeardley Love is a tragic chapter for my alma mater. Issues of dating violence, murder, sexual assault and stalking have long haunted the University of Virginia.