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It's a historic move for the faith, which has been exclusively led by men.
She pulled aside her yellow cardigan to show her sleeveless dress. Excommunicated Mormons are told to stop wearing LDS temple
Kate Kelly joins HuffPost Live to talk about why she's determined to remain a member of the Mormon Church.
Judy Dushku joins Caroline to express her opinion that the Church shouldn't be able to dictate its attitudes towards marriage.
(Reuters) - Hundreds of Mormon women who want ecclesiastical equality were denied admittance to a male-only session of their faith's spring conference on Saturday, in their bid to promote the ordination of women into the lay priesthood.
"We're people on the inside. We are investing in an institution ... not critiquing it to tear it down," she said. Since Ordain
CORRECTION: In a previous version of the article the LDS Public Affairs spokeswoman was incorrectly referred to as Jessica
My name is Scout (my parents named me after Scout Finch from the book To Kill a Mockingbird.) I’m 12 years old and live in
Their call-to-trousers has drawn strongly positive and negative (even vicious) reactions from LDS Church members. And it's made it clear how deeply thoughtful, civil conversation about gender is needed in Mormon communities.
Atkinson argues that LDS women are not taking advantage of powers they already possess. Women have become "the support staff