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Between the infringements on happiness, a frantic pace of life, and less and less focus on sleep (even though we know how terrifying the effects of lack of sleep can be), it's not easy to know which way to turn.
Start slow. If you are the antithesis of an early bird, it might be smart to start your sunrise journey slowly. Marks says
While you may be tempted to sleep in, there are ways to make sure you get moving before you have time to come up with an excuse not to. Here, 10 of the best from some of the country's top trainers.
But what about those of us who -- try as we might -- will never be early birds? For more on fitness and exercise, click here
While there's a whole host of reasons for why it's good (both mentally and physically) to be an early bird, one great benefit
We must take time for ourselves at the start of our day. This time will enable us to center ourselves and channel our focus. My morning routine consists of the following activities that give me a peaceful start to the day.
Research has linked eating a healthy breakfast to increased weight loss. But what you put on the plate also really matters