The former Smiths frontman sparked outrage for promoting the anti-Islam For Britain party on "The Tonight Show."
The musician was dismissive when asked about the allegations against Harvey Weinstein and Kevin Spacey.
Being a gentleman and a fellow citoyen du monde as well as a poet, Chris wrote back, "Ira- what an absolutely lovely note
JL: Listen, no one understands the mind of a queer-hating bigot like I do. I used to be one. In fact, I nearly killed a man
Maybe it's not happening as fast as Dublin's vegan crowd would like -- honey, I'm familiar with the feeling --but the move
Over the years, live music has evolved from concerts to music festivals. Coming in many forms and styles, some festivals are weekend-long camp-outs while others only last one day.
Roberto Ferdenzi, an active member of the fan community, responded with an acrostic poem. "The reason I admire him so much
"The fact that the slaughterhouse or abattoir exists is the most obvious example of human evil," he continued, explaining
We're poised at an incredible moment in the world of art and commerce, because artists who have a robust fanbase actually do have a choice not to pimp themselves out for cars or shampoo. We're just taking baby steps so far into this new paradigm.
When you start with the awareness that longing and discontent in your life are actually a tool to assist you in getting clear on what you would love, then you are in the driver's seat. It's an easy step to discover what dream is trying to emerge by means of you and the life you are living.
Rather than complain about the also-rans who will have to wait another year, it might make more sense to consider those whose names were called on Thursday morning.
In a new interview with Spanish newspaper El Mundo, Morrissey said that he's received a series of cancer treatments. "They
There's a lot more to Jeff Richards than people realize. Over the past decade, the SNL and MADtv alum has been unleashing a series of experimental comedy electro-pop E.P.s accompanied by bizarre and hilarious music videos that harken back to the golden age of MTV when acts like M, Barnes & Barnes and Miss Julie Brown ruled the roost.
Herewith, the story of Viv Albertine, star of Hogg's Exhibition, and also of her own life -- begun as a "poor North London
Morrissey's tour to promote his new album, "World Peace Is None Of Your Business," out July 15, has not gone as planned. First
I got to speak at Wellesley Books, a great indie book store, and at the Boston Athenaeum,, a great indie library dating back