The former Smiths frontman sparked outrage for promoting the anti-Islam For Britain party on "The Tonight Show."
The musician was dismissive when asked about the allegations against Harvey Weinstein and Kevin Spacey.
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What follows is a mostly-satirical, partly-sincere effort to imagine such a conversation. Since Prince's tragic and untimely
In 1898, a dedicated and passionate Irishman, playwright (and vegetarian) George Bernard Shaw wrote, "Why should you call
Over the years, live music has evolved from concerts to music festivals. Coming in many forms and styles, some festivals are weekend-long camp-outs while others only last one day.
That one of the most quintessentially British artists has come to be a Mexican cultural icon is perhaps the most obvious
Now, before you, evil human pest, accuse dear Morrissey of ranting, know that you would be wrong. "If your views threaten
We're poised at an incredible moment in the world of art and commerce, because artists who have a robust fanbase actually do have a choice not to pimp themselves out for cars or shampoo. We're just taking baby steps so far into this new paradigm.