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CAIRO, March 24 (Reuters) - An Egyptian court sentenced 529 members of the outlawed Muslim Brotherhood to death on Monday
The government has promised a return to democratic rule next year, under a new constitution. In the interim, the political
Soldiers and helmeted police in black uniforms and bulletproof vests, armed with teargas and semi-automatic rifles, manned
Until then, life goes on at the gatherings, where electricity cables reach most tents. Vendors sell pocket-sized Korans, hairbrushes
So how is it that Indonesia today is into its second decade as the world's third-largest democracy and one of its fastest
Josh Hersh joins Ahmed to discuss the closing of US embassies due to a threat.
* ElBaradei says he opposing those bent on crushing Brotherhood Analysts say civilian members of the interim cabinet are
CAIRO, July 22 (Reuters) - An Egyptian man was killed and seven were injured in clashes on Monday between supporters and
Another of its politicians said Morsi's overthrow would push other groups, though not his own, to violent resistance. Following
"We are dealing with the situation. ... We have called for security reinforcements in the area," said senior police officer
"The people agreed to a constitution and this constitution draws the map," Ali said. "We are refusing any attempts at a coup
Since Egypt's Hosni Mubarak was toppled in one of those uprisings, both Cairo and Tehran have signalled interest in renewing