Mortality rate

Patient death rates after 28 days were relatively similar for those given remdesivir versus usual care.
There's a lot of information we still don't have about COVID-19.
It's far too soon to predict whether the virus ultimately winds up worse than the flu or about the same.
As the Trump administration pushes food assistance cuts, a new paper touts reduced mortality among benefit recipients.
It's the longest-running decline in U.S. history since World War I, when a flu pandemic killed almost 700,000 people nationwide.
A Harvard study released this week estimated more than 4,600 were dead as a result of Hurricane Maria.
Here's a question for you: Which causes more deaths, motor vehicle traffic accidents or firearms? I asked a bunch of people that question, including a bunch of doctors, and everyone said that motor vehicles did.
"A healthy lifestyle can help you stay ten years' younger," lead author Eva Martin-Diener said in a release. "The effect
In the weeks ahead, there will be plenty of hysteria (and misinformation) about the swine flu. If you can, try to focus on what you can control: Your hygiene, your contact with others, and your health.