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Jim Bachor is known for playful pothole mosaic art. He made an exception for President Donald Trump.
“Many people consider women to be dolls," artist Lady Be explains, "they think they can be treated as toys and thrown away or abused."
So what made ABC bite? What was so great about the "Downward Dog" web series? The alphabet network debuts "Downward Dog" as
As you walk up from the western entrance to the hilltop fort built in the crusader period, you'll pass through a kaleidoscope
Jonathan Brown will mosaic anything he can. It is out of this optimism and confidence that he lands such interesting and
As for the damaged Turkish mosaics, which reportedly include several notable pieces, including a depiction of the sacrifice
Beacon Art Shortwave Gallery, located in the bucolic seaside hamlet of Stone Harbor, NJ, is home to a diverse array of contemporary artwork. Gary Jacketti, a classically trained sculptor, founded Beacon Art in 2009. His latest masterpiece, Goodbye, is a tribute to US military families.
Not only did my undercover work fail to provide a way of breaking into writing, it proved that my husband is right and that I shouldn't rely on online reviews if I'm looking for a new air conditioning unit or appliance to give as a wedding gift.
It won't be as easy for IMA to leave its mark on the walls of its new neighborhood, Ilse Cordoni told me during a recent visit to the studio; in Berkeley there will be more bureaucratic hoops to jump through.
Want to work with fractions? Motivate Calculus? Or simply eat some chocolate? Buy some chocolate chips --- or raisins for a fruitier experience. And, take a math bite out of summer learning loss as a family.
Most of us don't decide to become a parent because of a study. Thoughtful adults, we appreciate that having a child is a major step, one of the greatest risks we take (I'm factoring out playing football and texting while driving).
He returned only six months later when the feud was papered over. But his future throne was still tilting precariously, not
Intricate inlaid ceiling (Abu-Fadil) The French protectorate over Tunisia, established in 1881, was keen on preserving the
Making solar work for people is a key part of Mosaic's mission. Nearly half of its projects have focused on providing solar
Stunning advancements in production and financing have brought solar to the table with coal, oil, natural gas, and nuclear. And here are five reasons why solar is already winning.
In 1997 Fu founded Geomagic with the goal of combining Internet technology with traditional manufacturing. "I was thinking
Filling a void by bringing to light societal issues rarely covered by mainstream media is a major reason why Link TV has not only thrived but is expanding. It is perhaps the only television channel in the world that measures its success not in ratings, but in getting people off their sofas into engagement and action.
So far the team has uncovered only 50 percent of the find, but they expect to brush off the other side to reveal a mirror