But it's keeping the part about Moses informing America's founding documents.
Our choice to follow a predominately meat diet or a predominately plant diet is not without consequence.
The Bible offers guidance on how to respond to attempts at the consolidation of dangerous power.
Liberals are reacting to Trump’s election in dramatic ways. Depression, anxiety, anger, etc. are common. Conservatives are
Let me not mince words: He’s a narcissistic, unstable tyrant who hates migrant workers and has instituted oppressive policies
Campolo and Claiborne are right about failures within the evangelical movement and may even be right about it being time
These days since the election must be very disappointing to Obama. To work so hard, to come so far - and worst of all, to
Avian language is everywhere in the Bible. But what, if anything, does it say about ethics? Quite a lot, I suspect. For whatever reason, God does not want humans killing mother birds.
Madaba is about a half-hour's ride south of the country's capital at Amman. Before you got to the church, you might have
God tends to be a placeholder for many things other than a deity. In the ancient world, it was believed that the ruler was
In essence, Walski parted the Red Seas of bondage, opening up a passage to the Holy Land of Peace, Free Love, Milk and Honey
God showed Moses a coin made from fire, teaches the Midrash, showing him the amount that everyone must give towards the mishkan, tabernacle.
Moses' name does not appear in this week's Torah portion. He's gone, but not forgotten.
I've been arrested before at other protests, in both Oakland and San Francisco. In my experience, the arresting officers have been kind and polite. But as the phalanx of officers moved in, I noticed one in particular, her hair pulled back in a severe bun, framing a face creased with anger.
If religion were the vehicle that delivers morality, then atheists, the disaffiliated, and those who have never heard of God's laws should show comparatively inferior moral behavior. They don't.
Moses gets a new job in this week's Torah portion -- and it's a surprising one.
According to Søren Kierkegaard, the first existentialist philosopher, "Each individual is solely responsible for giving meaning to life and living it passionately and sincerely."