mosque vandalism

The interfaith community gathered outside a Rochester mosque to show support.
“That was our second home. Watching that video was like seeing my childhood home being stabbed over and over again.”
The Tempe arrest came after the women posted video on Facebook.
Joseph Scott Giaquinto is suspected of throwing rocks and a Bible through the mosque's glass doors over the weekend.
The fire comes after multiple threats were made against the mosque this summer.
The note, which also said "Muhammad was a rapist," was reported to police.
A bomb squad was also called in for what turned out to be a plastic replica of a hand grenade.
Although members of the mosque will not press charges, police have said the incident could be classified as a hate crime
You would be hard-pressed to find a Jewish text that permits the destruction of a mosque. Rabbis and other moderate voices should use this as a starting point to engage extremist settlers within their own communities.