As the coronavirus pandemic offers time to step back, Muslim Americans rethink how mosques can be more welcoming to women and adapt financially.
At least 40 people were killed in the shootings at two Christchurch mosques.
Mosques in New Jersey are receiving terrifying voicemails, including death threats.
The Brand Lane Islamic Center in Stafford, Texas offered refuge to those who were displaced by the storm.
The Brand Lane Islamic Center opened its doors to storm survivors when they needed it most.
No one was injured in the attacks, which police believe had xenophobic motives.
Muslim and Christian congregations are coming together to paint their sacred sites the color of joy.
Ultimately, what I'm asking of my fellow Muslims is simple, and it's something I would ask of anyone, regardless of faith or lack thereof: be yourself; drop your judgment and evangelism, and pick up some mercy and compassion.
Someone smashed the windows and painted "Muhammad Prophet of butchers" on the building.