mosquito bites

Mosquitos are really lazy.
Did you know the mosquito is actually the most deadly animal in the world? According to the World Health Organization, mosquitos
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Intuitively, people who attract all the bites during a summer BBQ party when no one else does may already know that they
"My sister actually got a pretty bad staph infection from itching a mosquito bite," he told HuffPost in an email, noting
Mosquitoes don’t target everyone equally. There are a number of things that can influence how attracted mosquitoes are to
Mosquito bites aren't just nuisances -- the insects can transmit potentially deadly diseases such as dengue fever, malaria
And while bites from pests are an inevitable part of summer, it's important to reduce your risk of bug bites from mosquitoes
Each person (and other animal) exudes a cocktail of carbon dioxide and other emanations, and we also emit heat. Mosquitoes may discern any of us as human beings, but some of us will have a more attractive signature than others.
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Getty Images Reach for the calamine lotion, it's mosquito season. Mosquitoes are out in full force right now because warm
While there are plenty of ways to try to prevent the bites in the first place, nothing is 100 percent foolproof, and most
Wired found enough examples of scientists modifying mosquitos to create a slideshow of techniques, including one method where
This year's unseasonably warm winter means that bugs usually killed by the cold have hung around -- and they're hungry. As
Protecting yourself from bites is important, but if the repellent annoys the mosquito, have you ever wondered if it can also hurt you?
Worldwide, mosquitoes can transmit a wide variety of diseases, including encephalitis, malaria and Yellow Fever, and more