You aren't imagining it. Here's what really attracts the little biters—and how best to avoid becoming their next meal.
A proactive and integrated approach is important to control dengue Aside from vector control strategies and vaccines, it
The Zika threat is causing great concern at the Rio Olympics, with some athletes having chosen to avoid the Games altogether rather than risk infection. But among the measures being taken around the world to combat this danger, one is notably absent: the use of DDT.
With summer in full swing, increasing concerns about the spread of the Zika virus in the United States are raining on our
They left for a seven-week break without passing funding to deal with the crisis. Now what?
More than 3,600 people in the U.S. and its territories have already been diagnosed with the disease.
"Every year I run into a family sleeping in a park, or in the woods. They’ve all complained about bug bites, and now with Zika, the risk is even higher.”
Congress is finally answering the call to address the alarming infectious disease threat of the Zika Virus. However, the level of funding included in their recent votes is not close to enough. The effect will be particularly disastrous for local governments across the country.
The Rio Olympics has been hit by allegations of a conflict of interest over the dangers of the Zika virus to tens of thousands
Lawmakers didn't pass funding before going on vacation, but set a path to use that money as leverage to weaken clean water and trucker fatigue rules.