The New Yorker says actress Rose McGowan was particularly targeted in attempts to gather information to silence accusations.
Trump isn't shaping up to be the president some on the Israeli right expected.
"He certainly has the vision and, we believe, the strength and the decisiveness."
The perennial dispute between Israel and Palestine has put world soccer body FIFA in a bind. With FIFA groping on how to
The president also said he is "not someone who believes that advancing settlements is good for peace."
The pugnacious retired army general spearheaded shadow wars against Israel's enemies.
Israel's extended olive branch to the UAE occurs within a complicated geopolitical context, in which some traditional alliances are strained, several states are exploring new partnerships and various actors are seizing upon newly generated opportunities in the region.
Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is right to criticize the nuclear deal between world powers and Iran. Indeed, it is not a good deal -- certainly not from an Israeli perspective. But it is Netanyahu who should be blamed for that.
Stephen F. Dachi was a consular officer who was born in Hungary in 1933. His parents both died when he was three years old, leaving him in the care of his grandparents, who lived in Romania.
Iran has been one of Washington's chief antagonists for nearly four decades. But a broad deal to keep Tehran from building nuclear weapons has been reached. Alas, any accord will face significant opposition. Some Americans -- including many Republican members of Congress--fear peace more than war.