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8. Illinois: 60043 City: New Orleans Median home value: $374,400 City: Sullivan's Island Median home value: $1,476,100 City
Nosy neighbors could definitely take the allure out of this modern home in Tokyo but its unique design is still awe worthy. This glass house has been modeled after a tree house and is composed of many different tiers and transitions to better utilize the smaller dimensions.
If you thought buying the most expensive estate in the nation for $195 million was a little bit out of your price range, never
Haleiwa, on Oahu's North Shore, is home to huge winter waves and laid-back surfers. It is considered Oahu's "country," and
In many parts of the country, there's a rumor floating around that something called "spring" will come, bringing relief from
If you had a million dollars, you could buy yourself a hell of a fancy house in Detroit. Or a sweet little condo with ocean
** We found stunning, stunningly expensive abodes across the country -- and lucky for the people in your life who want to
So where does one buy when money is no object? 2013's ranking of the most expensive zip codes in the country is one place