Most Wanted

Authorities say Blake Fitzgerald used his girlfriend as a human shield while exchanging gunfire with police.
Nine days after a gunman went on a deadly ambush at a state police barracks, authorities said Sunday they have recovered one of the weapons he was carrying and believe they are hot on his trail as he travels on foot through rugged forests in northeastern Pennsylvania.
Author Geoffrey Gray told HuffPost Crime that in the three years he spent researching his forthcoming book "Skyjack: The
D.B. Cooper was one hygenic getaway artist. Aboard the flight he hijacked and jumped out of 40 years ago, Cooper was extremely cautious about, if not obsessed with avoiding, leaving his fingerprints on anything he touched.
The PSA will air in 14 cities that Greig or Bulger have ties to. The cities are located in Alabama, Arizona, California, Florida
And while most of it is written by the bank robber himself, the nominal author is not a professional writer -- he's Dane Batty, Rogge's much younger, totally adoring nephew.
the-proposalImage Credit: Kerry HayesEW has learned exclusively that Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds are reuniting on a
[T]he Chicago Crime Commission is utilizing social networking sites like Facebook and the Internet to digitally spread the
It's all about how far your wine has been shipped, and the materials used to package it. Aluminum screw-tops are more likely to be recycled than natural corks, and they prevent wines from going bad.