Angelina Jolie writes about the devastation she witnessed in the war-torn Iraqi city.
It seems we are more offended by racist rhetoric than we are by racist policies.
We have a moral responsibility to help the people of Mosul start again.
Houses, schools, mosques and streets have all been booby-trapped.
When U.S. intervention smashes established authority, even more brutal forces fill the vacuum.
Iraqis like me want you to remember that the liberation of one city is not the end of ISIS.
Precision warfare? Don't make me laugh.
We cannot defeat terrorists simply by militarily overpowering them.
A 16-year-old from Saxony was thought to be one of 20 foreign women taken in Mosul last week.
In order to regain the trust of its citizens, the Iraqi government must urgently rebuild Mosul.
Iraq's abuse of civilians will make it easy for the next version of the extremist group to recruit.
The extremist group has tarnished the idea of a caliphate in such a way that it can never be established again.
Nine months of war obliterated every building in some of the Iraq city's western neighborhoods.
Iraq faces a long, challenging road toward reconstruction and reconciliation.