Motel 6

The company admitted at least six of its Washington state locations voluntarily provided guests' information to the federal immigration agency.
Some of the hotel chain's Arizona locations also gave information to Immigration and Customs Enforcement.
Aden Huser got separated from his family in the chaos of the shooting.
The chain apologizes after Phoenix motel staffers admitted they sent reports to immigration agents.
The Motel 6 budget lodging chain has discovered that two of their Phoenix locations have been sharing guest information with Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Senior management claims to have not known about it.
Motel employees were handing ICE agents their guest lists on a regular basis, the Phoenix New Times reports.
Ross complained to Motel 6's corporate office and reached out to the president of the Dayton chapter of the NAACP, who confirmed
Motel 6, the ubiquitous roadside stop that took its name from its original nightly rate, will turn 50 this year, marking
The bathroom is where your hotel's earnest personality really begins to beam.
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