An Atlas moth, which can have a wingspan of almost 10 inches, was just spotted in Washington state.
The long-toothed dart moth has only been photographed in museums and collections as a preserved specimen until now.
MLB ump at Yankees-White Sox game gets bugged by a moth.
Good morning, we've picked our top five news stories for you.
Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas is the George H. W. Bush appointee who hasn't asked one single question in court since 2006. That's 10 years the man has just sat there -- mute, mum, silencio, clammed up, hushed, voiceless, unheard and zipped up.
The absolute beauty of Mother Nature is undeniable. Her majesty and scope are breathtaking, but she has a gnarly underbelly. This thorny realm is intertwined with and feeds the beauty that we see.
Even though I didn't know Robin Williams, I'm affected by his suicide. It feels like we all are. We all feel so goddamn sad. And so I say this: If in your life you feel down or lost or in pain... I beg you to call someone.