mother and daughter

I will not let ALS stop my mother from making a difference in people’s lives.
If ever you feel insecure, or unsure, intimidated or out of your depth, just exude confidence and it will eventually come.
Ready or not, the day will come when you will become women and leave our home. Nevertheless, despite the years and great distance separating us, you will always remain my darling girls. Thus, I only ask that you keep this letter close to your heart.
As she kissed the tip of my nose and whispered, "I love you Mama" all I could think was "Stay this girl forever."
When my mother died, I lost a chunk of my heart. I do not think I will ever get it back. Your mother is your home. She gave you life. Unsurprisingly, life isn't the same without her. It loses meaning. In this crazy time of transition for me I have found that I have lost all courage, conviction, and confidence.
Flashing back to yesterday in Palm Springs... my girlfriends, Sheila and Gloria, and I were laughing as we discussed psychiatrists. It brought back a story that took place in Honolulu when one of my daughters was a teen.
Carefully tearing the wrapping paper, I opened the gift and immediately felt my heartstrings tug on my tear ducts. Inside a white shadow box lined with copies of our wedding and shower invitations was an ivory purse, sparkling with beads and heavy with memories.
"Touch, softness, vulnerability are all important aspects of life."
Mothers supposedly know best. And when it comes to etiquette, men, money, and the importance of lipstick, she's usually spot
Although Cate and her mom had always been very close, their bond grew stronger after the diagnosis.
Today, with women's roles expanding and becoming more complex, the struggle to find work-life balance has become a significant challenge. Now more than ever, the idea of "good enough" has great relevance and can serve as an important and comforting reminder that not only is perfection an illusion, but ultimately it does not support our children in their efforts toward successful independence.
At the age of 14, she became the youngest person to swim all the way across Lake Ontario. The 52-kilometer journey (a whopping
I thought she carried me through life, but actually, she showed me how to carry myself.
Grace is defined as effortless poise, beauty and charm; it is also described as the unmerited favor and blessing of God. In my personal lexicon, giving and receiving grace is also about letting others -- and myself -- off the hook. Maybe that's why my girl turns cartwheels in grocery stores, speaks her mind without fuss or filter, and lives and loves off the hook and in full color.
Growing up with a stay-at-home mom was something I took for granted as a kid and teenager. I could care less that she was the last person I saw before school started and the first person I talked to when it was over.
When Army Capt. Jane Renee "JR" Lund surprised her 13-year-old daughter, Bella, at a Wisconsin Badgers football game on Saturday
Your son is in love and marrying the girl of his dreams so... what do you do if she is the girl of your nightmares? We'd love to tell you that all sons marry women their mothers love as much as they do but honestly, that just wouldn't be true.