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​To an outsider, these rules may seem confusing and arbitrary. To your daughters' generation, who grew up at the genesis of the smartphone and social media platforms, these are the guidelines that shape and maintain one of their most valuable pieces of communication and evolving identity.
Without the ability to come clean with the facts or truth, the only route for Antia to launch into adulthood, was to emotionally
There are a lot of negatives in "Gilmore Girls" for me, but the overall strength of the relationships displayed won me over
Although we wish we were no longer in a gender-biased world, there are still many times when girls are expected to act a certain way. Mothers can help their daughters learn how to build confidence in themselves and accept who they are. Girls appreciate when their mothers applaud their daughters' interests and attitudes and it builds a strong mother-daughter bond.
Working in a mother-daughter owned business can be riddled with lots of challenges. So we make sure to lovingly guard our precious personal relationship with regularly and much needed pleasure trips together.
When a mother first learns that she is pregnant, there is a flurry of emotions. And learning that she is having a girl? What a thrill! There's nothing quite like the bond between a mother and her daughter. But sometimes anxiety sets in or self-doubt arises: How will I know how to take care of her? Raise her? Protect her?
It is a privilege to be your mom. You shine brighter than you realize. I continually told you when you were younger that it was not all about you. But I was wrong. I've come to believe that the universe has many centers, and you are definitely one of them.
"In a world full of Instagram filters and seemingly perfect lives splashed across social media, it’s easy to forget your wise words that it is what’s on the inside that counts."
I never fear asking my mom any questions, for I know that immediately after everything disappears from her memory. Since this disease -- Alzheimer's -- runs in my family, when I forget simple things I am quite aware of it.
With Mother's Day just passing, you may have realized that you'd like to go deeper in your connection with your mother -- or it's a relationship that has felt strained for a while. If you've lost your mom, never knew her, or just don't speak to her, you can do this with any person in your life.
This Mother's Day, take stock of your own words and actions and take solace in the fact that making small changes can have a great impact on our children's self image, eating habits and long-term health. I can't think of anything more motivating.
More than she'll know, my mom, the heroine of this tale--saved me. Out of her tumultuous youth arose a vigorously confident woman, a perfect role model to a young transgender girl. Mom inspires me.
"The greatest gift I can give you is to show you how to shine from the inside out."
As I continued to mull over my grand holiday avoidance plan while mindlessly browsing a bookstore last week, I unintentionally
This time last year, I never dreamed I'd spend Mother's Day without my mom. Please, don't let another day slip by without connecting with yours.
And over the past four years, since losing my mom, I've realized things about my dad I never knew before. He's funny. He's good. He's kind. And he's a great conversationalist and companion. I look forward to his phone calls every morning.