Mother Jones magazine

Li Yang's consulting company offers foreign investors chance to hobnob with president and "members of Congress" at Trump's golf resorts, says Mother Jones.
Ellen Weintraub plans to block lawyers from defending the FEC against suits so courts can compel the agency to enforce the law.
The snow pack that supplies 60 percent of the water to California farms and cities will likely shrink by half by the mid-century.
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"When Josh Fattal and I finally came before the Revolutionary Court in Iran, we had a lawyer present, but weren’t allowed
In a new book, General Hugh Shelton apparently describes an incident in 1997 in which someone in the Clinton cabinet suggested that the U.S. let a plane get shot down in order to provide a pretext to invade Iraq.
When the National Rifle Association asks its members for their next contribution, they might want to disclose how much of that money will be spent to spy on gun violence victims and their families.
Last week Mother Jones revealed in an investigative piece (remember investigative journalism?) that long-time gun control
Well, thanks to Mother Jones Magazine and the good folks from Robert Greenwald's Brave New Films, you may now revel in Parsley's
Justine Sharrock at Mother Jones has an audio widget up at their site that collects all of the various tunes that military
On Wednesday, Jamie Leigh Jones told a House Judiciary Committee her now-famous story about having been allegedly drugged