mother teresa

The babies were born to unwed mothers at a Missionaries of Charity shelter in India.
“She’s fat,” my daughter’s 8-year-old friend said in her sweet voice as she hopped into our car. She was referring to another
That reduced stress was evident at each stage from before the birth to nearly two years later, researchers reported in the
Mother Teresa was not the first saint to experience what to St. John of the Cross was a "dark night of the soul," to St. Ignatius
Who's right about Mother Teresa's approach to suffering? Should we imitate it, condemn it, or something in between?
One day, many years ago, on the streets of Calcutta I saw what one person could do when she humbled herself and dedicated her life to the "unloved, unwanted, uncared for."
Vatican City. September 5. Lights, Cameras, Action. Reporting live from St. Peter's Square on the inaugural Feast Day of the newly canonized Santa Teresa Di Calcutta. Surrounded by tens of thousands of pilgrims from every nation, religion and political party, reflecting the people Mother Teresa cared for with compassion and a clear mission.