We want to be heard. We want our concerns to be taken seriously.
Being a mom in itself is mentally and physically challenging no matter what.
If you’re a mother, you’re surrounded by others who have much in common with you. We mothers know about dog throw up, dirty
Each day, I watch my daughter climb the steps of the big yellow school bus on her way to class. As it speeds off with her
This article first appeared on Dear Mom, The big question appalled and surprised parents often ask their child
Not a day goes by that I don’t wish I could have two minutes of silence to go to the bathroom without being bothered.
It's that time of the year again, when cute little kids wearing uniforms that are way too big try their darnedest to impress their parents while having to choose between chasing the ball or chasing the butterfly. It's youth sports time, people!
I didn't make it to synagogue that night. I couldn't. I spent the evening sitting on the floor, drinking wine, and weeping
Kitt describes how she has finally come to feel successful: How do women measure success? Is it by mothering and having a
There are many things I can give you in this life. A roof over your head, food on the table, a Bible we read together, a school where you are welcomed, and love -- so much love. One thing I cannot give you is a just and perfect world.
I have started a new practice when considering decisions. I now ask myself the following two questions: Does this action have the potential to make a positive impact on someone else? Am I worried about performing the action based solely on others' judgments?
I don't ask for much, which is why there are only six qualities I consider as requirements if we are going to jump into mom-friendship together.
I feel moored in the muddiness of my young unmet needs. It is in this deep dark place, where the howling beast part of me lives, that I now must travel to rescue beastie and hold her tightly to slow her howling.
In sisterly solidarity I immediately flashed back to pregnancy, a state both magical and miserable, completely consuming; a transformative rite of passage. In the nanosecond it took to relive, the realization that I'd never actually be pregnant again descended on me with finality.
No mom snuggles up to her toddler for a cosy bedtime read, with a book in which the protagonists' mother is shot and killed just one page into the narrative. Surely.
Congratulations on being a new mom! Isn't it a cherished miracle? With this extreme emotional flux, you need all the tools you can get, Mama. Here are a few tidbits of unconventionally awesome mommy advice I never got but wish I had. You're welcome.
I love teenagers. I do. Everything about them: the awkward, the self-conscious, even the angry bits. I'm especially intrigued by the way they shed their childhood like a skin and emerge a newer, older version of themselves.
Feeling stressed? Overwhelmed? Stretched too thin? Frustrated by life's challenges? Try this simple adjustment and see if it helps.