mothers and daughters

"Your eyes are really hard to work with, Mom," the teen tells the "Friends" alum in a charming Instagram video.
The "Top Chef" host has a daughter, Krishna.
Neither of us could just sit by while Kavanaugh was considered for such a powerful and influential position.
I came to a complete halt as I was shocked that these words came out of my 8 year old daughter's mouth.
A few years ago I recall defending myself from some other caregivers. They thought I should not consider myself mom's caregiver, reasoning that since I lived far away I did not care for her in the same way that they did. Their words stung me deeply and had me momentarily question myself.
Diane Grover is an incredible mom. Her youngest child, MaryEllen, was born in 2005 with Down Syndrome. Diane learned all too quickly that she would have to lobby for her child.