mothers and daughters

The "Top Chef" host has a daughter, Krishna.
Neither of us could just sit by while Kavanaugh was considered for such a powerful and influential position.
I came to a complete halt as I was shocked that these words came out of my 8 year old daughter's mouth.
I am sure Debbie has her oars in the water...but it must be a pretty painful pull, but I suspect that somehow she will do
Her Mother, says Angeline, "Was afraid I would have thought less of her for the choices she made, but to the contrary, I'm
Throughout the years this new understanding pushed me spend time with so many wonderful people. It allowed me to continue
A few years ago I recall defending myself from some other caregivers. They thought I should not consider myself mom's caregiver, reasoning that since I lived far away I did not care for her in the same way that they did. Their words stung me deeply and had me momentarily question myself.
Diane Grover is an incredible mom. Her youngest child, MaryEllen, was born in 2005 with Down Syndrome. Diane learned all too quickly that she would have to lobby for her child.
When I am interviewed for a podcast or radio show I seem to cringe when I am introduced as my mother's caregiver; for in my very soul, deep in my heart, I am first my mother's daughter and then her caregiver.
The weekend is here. The first family members have arrived. My lists have lists, which have lists. Your dad is doing his best to be patient as I try to check things off his list too.
I watched you tonight during your dance class, sweet girl. Don't take that the wrong way -- I'm always paying attention while you dance. Tonight, though, as I sat on my side of that mirrored window, I watched you and got a glimpse into your little world.
As I sit and ponder what really exists in my mother's mind I cannot help but wonder who she thinks she is. Unfortunately, mom can no longer provide me the answers I yearn to hear.
My body is my tool. It is the only body I will ever have so I will treat it well and I will love it no matter what it looks
Your "weird" is what makes you, you. The way you write. The way you draw. The way you wear your heart right out on your sleeve. The way you laugh and giggle and sing. The way you dance and draw song lyrics all over your pants.
Why, you may have asked yourself recently, would your young daughter want a t-shirt that prominently displays the words "SQUAD
I know I'm not alone. I am an aging baby boomer with a widowed mother who lives 1,000 miles away from me. And there are certain things I can be sure of when I stay with my mom in Ohio.
One evening, several weeks ago, I received a call from the nursing home where my mom has lived for the past three years. One can imagine the uncertainty I felt when I answered the phone.
Last week, I watched the pride with which Chelsea Clinton introduced her mom at the Democratic National Convention. It was a great moment -- a daughter admiring her mother and hoping she could live up to the standard her mom had set, both at home and in the world.