mothers and sons

Looking at him became my favorite hobby. I gushed over his every move and happily became a woman I once made fun of. I traded
This weekend my older son and family came to visit for their son's first birthday celebration. Conversations covered many topics and reminiscing became part of the pattern of the days. As I thought about our moments I recalled a memory from long ago shared by my father and me.
5. Welcome the partners they bring home -- with caution. A mom of grown sons once warned me, "Don't fall in love with their
2. Zip up. Sexual assault needs to be talked about, especially before they head off to college or wherever life is taking
When I booked a memorial Mass for my mother, Mama Jean, at St. Patrick's Cathedral, it wasn't to pray for the repose of her soul. I was seeking a formal ritual to grieve, but I was also making up for the time I couldn't get her into St. Patrick's.
Angie claims she is scared of her 19-year-old son, Nick, who she says has a “long history of irrational and volatile behavior
These are my top three favorite things I have learned so far on my colorful adventure of being the mom to two amazing boys. These insights I've been gifted through motherhood are applicable to everyone -- enjoy!
When I was a kid, I tried everything. Soccer, baseball, football, basketball, rollerblading, it didn't matter. In 6th grade, I learned the trumpet; in 7th grade, I started dabbling in guitar; and in 8th grade, the junior high marching band lost their tuba player so I stepped in.