Mother's Day 2014

Well, we love that Yolande's taking beauty risks. What new products have you tried lately? But the reason behind her foray
"For my lips, I used my favorite red which is Sephora Lip Stain in Always Red -- it's my absolute favorite ever," Christina
Hairstylist Abbie Klenzman admits that she wasn't too impressed by the usual natural formulas, but her friend Sarah Swain
With another bundle of joy on the way, we had to find out exactly how Jordan always manages to look so darn perfect. Between
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I felt threatened and angry by my mom's intense emotions. I couldn't feel how this moment was different from moments in the past.
We'd never thought we'd see the day when our grandmother's favorite accessory would take over the red carpet. Pearls are
In the spirit of honoring mothers every day, not just on mother's day, I asked individuals from around the world to share with me, wisdoms from their mothers. Not surprisingly, they confirm how unrelenting and influential our mothers are globally.
Our mothers are usually our first touchstone and it's hard to outgrow the need to seek nurturing and approval from them. But becoming an adult sometimes means outgrowing this reflex -- especially if these responses are hard to come by.
The first lady extended a warm welcome to military mothers and their children at the White House today for the annual Mother's