Mother's Day 2014

Not only is Yolande a MAC Cosmetics fiend (but really, who isn't?), she says that becoming a mother transformed the way she
Well, these lips certainly don't lie. "For my lips, I used my favorite red which is Sephora Lip Stain in Always Red -- it's
"As a mom, you have to schedule showers -- and sometimes that doesn't always work," she says, adding that she always wears
We'll race you to CVS or Walgreens! Jordan explains, "[I use] a nude eyeliner on the inner water line because I'm exhausted
I felt threatened and angry by my mom's intense emotions. I couldn't feel how this moment was different from moments in the past.
We'd never thought we'd see the day when our grandmother's favorite accessory would take over the red carpet. Pearls are
In the spirit of honoring mothers every day, not just on mother's day, I asked individuals from around the world to share with me, wisdoms from their mothers. Not surprisingly, they confirm how unrelenting and influential our mothers are globally.
Our mothers are usually our first touchstone and it's hard to outgrow the need to seek nurturing and approval from them. But becoming an adult sometimes means outgrowing this reflex -- especially if these responses are hard to come by.
The first lady extended a warm welcome to military mothers and their children at the White House today for the annual Mother's
For the month of May, HuffPost Style is turning the camera's focus on fabulous moms and moms-to-be in our Beauty Street Style
Now THIS was the day to Instagram that bouquet of flowers you got for your mom. This Mother's Day, we tracked all the mama
I love the cards you make for me on Mother's Day, the pictures you draw, the poems you write, but what I also want on this special day is to write something for you. I want to tell you what it means to be your Mother because I am so grateful.
Feeling like you never get things right creates dissatisfaction and frustration. Being disappointed is healthy part of life so parents should be honest about what they aren't good at and speak out when they get stuff wrong. ‎To err is human.
Although my nest is now empty, I've found I can reminisce about my kids' childhood this Mother's Day by spritzing these scents from Demeter Fragrance Library, which are the next best thing to going back in time. In some ways, they may actually be better.
Becoming a mom should have cured me of taking my own mom for granted. Only it doesn't seem to work that way. It's a process. With every milestone my kid hits, I make a new discovery about my mom.
Hillary Clinton's highly anticipated memoir won't be released for another month, but an excerpt published Sunday is offering
Grocery store flowers get a bad rap. They're often perceived as cheap, low-quality and a little too into Baby's Breath. Of
For many of us, mom was our first teacher. She taught us to recite the alphabet, how to tie our shoes, to swim and not to hit our siblings. This year, we honor moms and their wisdom by sharing the lessons learned from mom by some of our nation's most accomplished people.
The first lesson that my Ima taught me was that family isn't defined by location. And that home isn't permanent and can be created between any four walls. I followed her lead in this and today live a plane flight away. I'm not sure she's thrilled that this a lesson I gleaned. It wasn't an intentional one.