mother's death

I’ve always wanted to see South Africa’s majestic wildlife and to truly be one with nature. Shortly after I started freelancing
There are days when I want to dedicate my entire life to my mother. Sometimes I think about how much I want to spend my life as a pathologist searching for a cure to the disease that took her life. But my mom wouldn't want me to spend my life like that. Your parent wouldn't want you to make them the shrine of your life.
I was scrolling through Pinterest when I saw this quote, 'Because the love of a mother starts before birth her love will endure long after death.' The quote was not attributed to anyone in particular but I definitely could have said it because I'm still feeling my mother's love 25 years after her death.
Some people wait until the new year to change. Not me. Since my mother's passing, I've been thinking a lot -- maybe too much -- about my life and which direction to embark on.
My deep sadness about my mother's death and absence from my life has been somewhat lessened by imagining that when her soul left her sick and failing body last December 21st, it entered some such lovely scene somewhere.