Motivational speaking

By: Hira Ali Feminism. As powerful as this buzzword sounds, many people who are gravely unaware of its actual connotations
Lizzie Velasquez is one of three known people in the world who suffers from a rare syndrome, which prevents her from gaining
We are often focused on consequences right now. Thinking of how something will impact us beyond the present moment helps put the risk into perspective. Many times you will find that a setback won't matter a year from now -- or even next week. So why not take a chance?
DALLAS, Pa. – His was an ordinary tale of a rambunctious boy, raised in a Chicago suburb, immersed in sports and the love
When I first made it onto the U.S. Ski Team, I was terrified to do any interviews. The vice president of communications for
Some "motivational speakers" try to manufacture motivation, and this doesn't usually work. The better way is to introduce your passion to the world around you instead.
When is the last time one of your employees walked in your office with a fresh idea? If you're having a tough time answering that question, that means innovation in your company is dead.
There are three "R's" that keep us all from being our very best: Resentment, Regret and Resistance. All are major roadblocks to success, self-love and discovering personal inner bliss.